Setting up ringtone using e-mail

  1. Save your ringtone in the application
  2. Таp tab My Tones
  3. Tap ‘Send By email’
  4. Send the tone to your e-mail address
  5. Check your e-mail on your PC/Mac and save your tones (files with .m4r extension), to your hard drive
  6. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your PC
  7. In iTunes via the Preferences - General - make sure 'Tones' is checked
  8. Double click the tone saved on your hard drive (it will appear in the 'Tones' panel)
  9. Select 'Tones' from the top list in iTunes
  10. Select the tones for syncing, Press "Apply" and wait until sync process is finished
  11. Go to "Settings -> Sounds" on iPhone and Set Your Tone